Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tulip Time & Mother's Day!

Tulip Time in Holland Michigan ends this Saturday (May 8th). The finale is a parade which would be a great thing to take the whole family too. The parade begins at 2pm but you will want to be there early to find a good spot. Take along a bag for each of your kids so they can pick up fun stuff (like candy & other goodies) as they are tossed out to the crowd.

Here is the website with all the details:

Don's forget Mother's Day is Sunday May 9! Tell your mom or other special lady in your life that you love her and are thankful for her.

Husbands have your children make a card for mom and either mom or dad can have the kids make a card for grandma or another special lady who acts as the grandma or maybe an aunt who is special.

Even young children can make a card. My youngest is 15 months but he was still able to hold a crayon and scribble on the paper.

You could use crayons or markers or maybe cut some shapes out and let the kids glue it on the paper.

For older children they can use their allowance and you can take them to the dollar store and have them pick out a nice card and write a message inside of it.

So, go out and have fun together as a family and don't forget about mom on Sunday May 9th!