Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Teaching Your Little Ones about Easter!

Easter Sunday is just around the corner and there is a tool that can assist you as you teach your little one what this holiday is all about for Christians. It would be a good idea to talk to your child(ren) so they don't just think it's about having a few toys or some candy in a basket. It is so much more than that and even little ones can understand this!

The tool? Resurrection eggs! They are sold at many Christian book stores. The package consists of a plastic egg carton. Inside are twelve plastic eggs with something inside each one. Also, a booklet is included that shares about the contents of each egg and Scripture references.

For instance, the first egg contains a tiny donkey. You (the parent) use the donkey to tell your child about the triumphal entry of Jesus The very last egg is empty to show that Jesus is alive. Each egg in between has something that helps tell the story of Jesus' last days on earth.

I used these eggs with my two year old. I intended to only go through some of them and do more each day leading up to Easter but he wanted to see all of them at once:) It was really neat to talk to him about each egg. Because he is young I didn't read exactly what was in the booklet provided and this is probably wise with any young child. The story in the book is more appropriate for older children.

I believe that these eggs are a great teaching tool (you could even use them in a Sunday School class). My son really got excited about opening each egg. He couldn't wait to see what was inside each one. Even if you don't have young children of your own you can purchase these for grandchildren or neighbor children. Also, as I suggested using them with a church class is a good idea. The booklet that is provided with the eggs is written in Spanish as well as English so if you know someone at church, work or in your neighborhood who would benefit from the Spanish version you could pass this teaching/witnessing tool along to them as well. I pray that you will consider how you can use this tool with those who are around you.

We purchased ours at Family Christian Book Stores. If you are signed up to receive their magazines there is a 20% off coupon that is good until April 3 and you can use it on this product.

I hope that you all have a very blessed Easter & take the time to talk to your little ones (and others) about the real meaning of this holiday.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Play Dates

Just went to a play date today. There were seven kids and three moms! Kind of crazy but it actually worked. The moms stayed cool and let the three boys closest in age play together and for the most part they got along. The youngest kiddos stayed with the moms in the living room but played well. Coffee, cookies & lunch were all a part of the day and by 1 we were starting to pack up to go.

I learned some things from today's play date:

1. don't worry so much about the house. If you wear yourself out cleaning the house from top to bottom you will be so worn out by the time everyone comes you won't enjoy the time. Just tidy a bit and maybe clean the bathroom(s) and/or vacuum/mop the floor the children will be playing most on. Other than that, just relax and let the kids play. The moms will just enjoy getting out and the kids are going to make another mess anyway:)

2. Let lunch be simple. Today we had a couple of loaves of bread set out, two choices of meat and cheese or you could have PBJ. Some chips, crackers, fruit, and cookies rounded the meal out. Nothing fancy but everyone was fed and happy!

3. Have play dates fairly often-If you've never been to one (or have been to very few), take the first step and let your house be the first site for the play date. You may find that you have more in common with other moms than you thought and your kids will have fun.

4. Be flexible-Don't have a set come and go time. Just say come between 930 and 10 and our kids usually take a nap around 1 or 2 (the times are different for everyone, these are examples) so maybe around then we'll wind down the play time.

4. Most of all? HAVE FUN!!!

Enjoy your next play date!