Friday, March 12, 2010

Play Dates

Just went to a play date today. There were seven kids and three moms! Kind of crazy but it actually worked. The moms stayed cool and let the three boys closest in age play together and for the most part they got along. The youngest kiddos stayed with the moms in the living room but played well. Coffee, cookies & lunch were all a part of the day and by 1 we were starting to pack up to go.

I learned some things from today's play date:

1. don't worry so much about the house. If you wear yourself out cleaning the house from top to bottom you will be so worn out by the time everyone comes you won't enjoy the time. Just tidy a bit and maybe clean the bathroom(s) and/or vacuum/mop the floor the children will be playing most on. Other than that, just relax and let the kids play. The moms will just enjoy getting out and the kids are going to make another mess anyway:)

2. Let lunch be simple. Today we had a couple of loaves of bread set out, two choices of meat and cheese or you could have PBJ. Some chips, crackers, fruit, and cookies rounded the meal out. Nothing fancy but everyone was fed and happy!

3. Have play dates fairly often-If you've never been to one (or have been to very few), take the first step and let your house be the first site for the play date. You may find that you have more in common with other moms than you thought and your kids will have fun.

4. Be flexible-Don't have a set come and go time. Just say come between 930 and 10 and our kids usually take a nap around 1 or 2 (the times are different for everyone, these are examples) so maybe around then we'll wind down the play time.

4. Most of all? HAVE FUN!!!

Enjoy your next play date!

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